A rebel organization started by the renegade Corellian Senator Garm Bel Iblis, PHOENIX is considered a group of traitorous pirates by the Imperial Navy.

While piracy and subversion are it’s main weapons against the Empire, PHOENIX and Bel Iblis’ aspirations are much greater. Working with rebel organizations across the galaxy, along with contacts within the Imperial Senate and amongst the wealthy and noble citizens of the Empire, PHOENIX seeks to assemble a complete compendium of Imperial strongholds, procedures, and other information in hopes of one day serving such intelligence to a greater Rebel Alliance in the battle for freedom.

With a small but robust fleet of capital ships, snub fighters, and support craft, PHOENIX operates secret bases across the Meridian Sector and other parts of the Outer and Mid Rims.

One of their primary initiatives is the SpecFor Program, an attempt to train soldiers, commandos, shock troops and covert operatives to rival the Imperial Security Bureau. To this goal, they have enlisted the aid of the rogue Jedi Benjen Codo and the former Stormtrooper Dathan Gavalon, two of the most wanted men in all the Empire.


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