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Player Characters

Benjen Codo, Jedi.

Dathan Gavalon, Soldier


Pre’durf, a Bothan noodlemaker in over his head on the Wheel

Inquisitor Freyd, a mysterious Imperial pursuing the renegade Jedi

Thredd, a Human salvager and ship collector on Ord Mantell

Praay Secrund, Twi’lek majordomo to the Wheel’s enigmatic crime lord

Gerrsharkal, Wookiee enforcer for the Rounder Cartel

Cres Linshuld, Human intelligence operative for the Rounder Cartel

Frad Teksar, Human assassin who survived an encounter with the Verdant Mynock

R2-M4, a grizzle old astromech droid


PHOENIX, a revolutionary fleet.

The Rounder Cartel, crime lords of the Wheel

The Roulette Group, a group of kidnappers who enslave creatures for illegal medical purposes.


Wayland, a “lost planet”

The Wheel, a glamorous resort with a criminal underbelly

Ord Mantell, inhabited planet in the Bright Jewel system

Dantooine, an isolated backwater

Clak’dor VII, the embattled homeworld of the Bith

StarForge Station, a shadowport hidden within a nebula

Dathomir, a dangerous wild planet filled with mystical secrets

Dosuun, an Imperial slaveworld rife with espionage

Ghost Base, PHOENIX’s hidden base in the Cron Drift.


Heat Eater, a jellylike predator from Wayland

Spice Spider, the dangerous source of glitterstim spice.

Mantellian Savrip, a previously thought untintelligent species of giants

Mynock, a silicon-based parasite, the bane of spacers everywhere

Deceased Characters

Merrikana, Nagai Jedi Master

Doctor Oyga, a Draethos cyber-surgeon

Kerik Novahr, outlaw Zabrak slicer

Davad Khaal, Human Jedi padawan

Bryn Renton, outlaw Duros pilot

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