Knights Without Solace

The Story So Far Final Part

A recap of events in the campaign thus far

Episode 7 – Amongst the Wreckage

With the Shadows of the Jedi shattered above Ord Mantell, only two survivors remained amongst the wreckage of the Imperial Dreadnought: an unconscious Dathan Gavalon, kept alive by his environmentally-sealed armor and Benjen Codo, still alive within his damaged Y-Wing fighter.

Dathan came awake as Imperial Extra-Vehicular Operation Troopers attempted to collect him. Caught on the wrong side of their blasters, Dathan attempted to defend himself in zero-gravity, but was nearly outmatched.

Luckily, Benjen and R2-M4 were able to pick up the distinctive signal of the cybernetic comlink implanted in Dathan’s skull. Tracking him through the spinning wreckage, Benjen scoops Dathan out of the fracas, and the pair of them jump to the nearest safe place in the Cabur’s databanks: Dantooine.

Jumping to Dantooine, Benjen is forced to come in for a crash landing, as the Cabur suffers the ravages so recently visited upon the Mynock. Surviving the crash, Benjen, Dathan, and M4 travel to the restored Khoonda outpost, where they are welcomed by the droids which they so recently repaired.

Spending a few days at the revitalized outpost, Benjen and Dathan eventually manage to salvage the Cabur, and arrange off-planet transit with PHOENIX operatives. A freighter working for PHOENIX arrives, picks up the men, droid and salvage, and takes off for the secret Ghost Base in the Cron Drift.

Traveling at lightspeed, the heroes are waylaid by a mysterious bounty hunter, who tractored several planetoids along the route from Dantooine, apparently hunting for Benjen and Dathan. After a deadly chase, the heroes escape from the Mandalorian mercenary, and return to the Cron Drift.

There, they spend several months recovering from their ordeals. Psychological counseling is combined with training, as the SpecFor Program started by Admiral Bel Iblis utilizes Dathan’s Stormtrooper training and Benjen’s Clone Trooper experience to better fight the Empire.

Several months pass, amongst the secret PHOENIX fleet and at Ghost Base, before Benjen and Dathan are brought together again on an urgent mission for PHOENIX



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