Knights Without Solace

The Story So Far Part 4

A recap of events in the campaign thus far

Episode 6 – The Odds Against

After returning to the Ghost Base in the Cron Drift from the Dathomir system, the crew of the Verdant Mynock spent some time decompressing. Deciding to attempt to upgrade Dathan’s equipment, the Mynock charted a course for Ord Mantell, where a shadowport at the Bright Jewel System’s edge had previously offered rare components.

Unfortunately, the heroes underestimated the effect the “Shadows of the Jedi” had had on Ord Mantell. Only having been away for a few weeks, the heroes were shocked to discover the Emperor’s right hand, Darth Vader, still commanding an Imperial fleet of “peacekeepers” in the system.

Hailed by an Imperial Dreadnought, the Shadows of the Jedi decided to play their cards close to their chest and surrender, planning to pretend to be merchants traveling to the Ord Mantell junkyards to trade salvage. Unfortunately, the Mynock’s (and Cabur, Benjen’s Y-Wing) distinctive markings and the crew’s distinctive appearance and mannerisms were a dead giveaway, and a fierce combat broke out in the tractor bay between the heroes and the entire Stormtrooper compliment of the Dreadnought.

The toll was heavy, with heavy fire downing Bryn Renton and Kerik Novahr within the first few seconds of combat.* As Davad attempted to ward off the Stormtroopers, and Dathan attempted to lay down covering fire, Benjen desperately boarded his fighter and threatened to unleash his proton torpedoes in the unshielded interior. This gambit was answered by the Dreadnought leveling it’s boarding cannons on the ship, and the resulting exchange of fire destroyed the Verdant Mynock AND gutted the Dreadnought, causing an explosion which filled the skies above Ord Mantell with Dreadnought debris, taking a great toll on the life beneath.

The destruction of the Mynock spelled the end for Davad Khall, Bryn Renton, and Kerik Novahr, but the heavily armored Dathan Gavalon was blasted clear, left alive in the void due to the environmental sealing on his battle armor. Additionally, a last ditch effort by R2-M4 to raise the Cabur’s shields ensured the survival of the Y-Wing and it’s pilot, but much had been lost in the exchange…

*Kerik’s heroic rearming of Dathan using the Force was unfortunately not enough to save him as Davad, who had flushed his lightsaber down the refresher to attempt to hide his Jedi identity from the Empire, stole Kerik’s newly made lightsaber to save his own skin.


You know, I totally forgot Davad’s douche baggery, in the snagging of Kerik’s lightsaber, for the temporary coolness of his epic series of blaster deflections. If not for the nasty end result of that battle, as well as some out of character things, that might have been the most awesome moment for Davad.

The Story So Far Part 4

I wish I’d remembered about his theft of Kerik’s weapon when he erected the “I’m The Only Smart Player!” image in his mind less than an hour after the wipe.

The Story So Far Part 4

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