Knights Without Solace

The Story So Far Part 3

A recap of events in the campaign thus far

Episode 5 – Rebel Dawn, Part Two

As the doors to the Verdant Mynock’s dock opened, a mysterious white- clad Human woman appeared before the Shadows of the Jedi. Unleashing a furious assault that left Dathan, Bryn, and Benjen on their backs, only the sudden appearance of Davad Khaal and Kerik’s quick thinking saved the group from annihilation at the hands of the lightsaber- wielding warrior.

Escaping from StarForge Station, Davad informed the crew of the Mynock of his encounter with a Rebel group named PHOENIX, led by renegade Corellian senator Garm Bel Iblis, and their offer of protection. Jumping to the Xagobah system, the crew agreed to aid PHOENIX in it’s anti-Imperial activities on the Outer Rim. After spending a few weeks recovering, the crew decided to investigate the crashed Chuun’thor supposedly crashed on Dathomir during the Clone Wars.

Travelling through hyperspace to the system, the crew quickly found the downed Jedi city-ship…or, rather, the remainder of it, crashed into a tarpit. Beginning an expedition into the crashed ship, the group found the going dangerous, encountering hostile native creatures and a particularly cruel native humanoid that wielded the Dark Side of the Force.

After a day’s exploration, the crew returned to the Mynock for a rest (and some much needed anti-venom!) Upon returning to the Chuun’thor, the group was engaged by a large group of Human women on flying beast- back. Preparing for another battle, the group found that the women were, in fact, sent to stop the heroes entrance to the downed Jedi ship.

The leader of the group, called the “Bright Mountain Clan”, explained the situation on Dathomir: the matriarchal society was ruled by Force- using witches, who swore to use the light side of the Force for the good of all Dathomiri. Apparently, however, during the Clone Wars someone called “Darth Tyrannus” had reintroduced the dark side to the Dathomiri after centuries of suppression, which had led to a great war between light side and dark side witches, plus Republic and Separatist forces in orbit. This civil war ended in a truce with the defeat of the Nightsisters, who were banished to the Pit of the Harbinger to sequester their evil power from the rest of Dathomiri civilization.

Part of the agreement of truce, however, was that neither side attempt to plumb the deepest secrets of the fallen Jedi craft (which had already led to the introduction of firearms and other innovations), and neither side take on stellar patrons as happened after the Chuun’thor’s fall. Despite the Shadow of the Jedi’s tenuous claim to the downed ship, they were turned away, although the aged elder of the Bright Mountain Clan, Lagardix, promised to contact Davad and Benjen should the balance fall any further out of whack.

Departing Dathomir, the Verdant Mynock met up with PHOENIX forces in a secret base hidden in the burning vastness of the Cron Drift. There, Admiral bel Iblis tasked the crew with their first official task for the rebel group: recovering information on prisoner transports to the legendary Imperial prison at Stars’ End. Teaming up with another rebel group, the Justice Action Network of Alderaan, PHOENIX agents had managed to slice top-level Imperial datarchives and discover the flight plan, defenses and escort layout for one of the gulag’s transports, whose navicomputer would almost certainly have directions to the prison-fortress.

Unfortunately, agents of the Imperial Security Bureau caught up with the spies transporting the valuable datatapes and blasted the ship to bits near Sernpidal. Fortunately, the rebels were able to destroy the ISB ships before they abandoned their ship, and were able to bring the last known coordinates to PHOENIX.

Setting out for Sernpidal, the crew of the Mynock were able to use the advanced sensors on board Benjen’s ship, the Cabur, to locate the null- box containing the stolen datatapes. Unfortunately, they also encountered an ISB battlegroup. After a vicious dogfight, the Mynock’s new turbolasers proved to be more than a match for the Imperials, and only a handful of them were able to escape. Gathering the datatapes, the group set course for the Imperial slaveworld of Dosuun.

Arriving there, the heroes snuck in, and sought out their contact for the tradeoff. Unfortunately, the paranoid Imperials proved to be somewhat more than a match for the Mynock’s espionage talents, and a fierce battle ensued with vicious Imperial Stormtroopers attempting to reclaim the datatapes. After a fierce running battle, the heroes were able to hand off the information, return to their ships, and escape to the Dathomir system, slightly the worse for wear…



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