Knights Without Solace

The Story So Far Part 2

A recap of events in the campaign thus far

Episode 3 – Shadows of the Jedi

Utilizing R2-M4’s survival skills and directions from the local Savrips, the crew of the Verdant Mynock finds themselves just a bit too late to a cache of Old Republic weaponry from the Clone Wars. A plan is hatched to distract the legion of Stormtroopers and engineers: while Benjen and Davad distract the Imperials, Kerik and Bryn would sneak around to a pair of deactivated blaster turrets and pour fire down upon the Imperials. Unfortunately, the Stormtroopers turn out to be far more observant than the privateers hoped for, and a vicious firefight ensued. As Kerik and Bryn rushed from hiding spot to hiding spot, the two Jedi leaped out and engaged the Stormtroopers at point- blank range, while Dathan poured fire down upon them from a concealed ridge. Benjen, meanwhile, was able to convince one of his clone brethren to, at the very least, hear him out as, incredibly, the ragtag group of heroes routed the Imperials.

Laying claim to the huge cache of weaponry and armor, Kerik suddenly discovered that, in fact, most of the Imperial presence on the planet had just fallen to their ambush. Sending the word out far and wide under the handle “Shadows of the Jedi”, spacers and people from all around the Bright Jewel System arrived to (for a very slight surcharge) take as many blasters as they could carry.

Celebrating their victory over the Empire’s tyranny, the crew bet heavily upon Bryn Renton in a dangerous podrace, the Mantellian Ship Graveyard Run. Renton, pushed to the limits of his not inconsiderable skill, won the deadly race by a hair, and the crew took their winnings to a local shadowport, Darkveil Eclipse, to spend it on much wanted upgrades and equipment.

While Dathan and Bryn subjected themselves to cybernetic implants (Bryn at a high cost thanks to a loan from a Bothan called the “Gray Vigo”), Benjen (also with the Vigo’s help) purchased a Koensayr Y-Wing and upgraded it to the rare “Longprobe” variant.

A few days later, however, the two Jedi were struck by a sudden feeling of impending doom. An Imperial Star Destroyer had jumped into the Bright Jewel System, Lord Darth Vader at it’s helm, for the purposes to crushing any rebellion against the Empire. Leaping into the Verdant Mynock and Benjen’s Y-wing, Cabur, a fierce chase ensued as the Empire attempted to capture the rebellious Jedi.

Just barely escaping destruction at the Empire’s hands (Davad literally at the mercy of Vader’s dark power), the heroes left Vader with one last gibe before jumping to the Dantooine system, a challenge to the Dark Lord of the Sith and his malevolent patron…

Episode 4 – Rebel Dawn, Part One

Arriving in the obscure Dantooine system, our heroes, crew of the Verdant Mynock and primary shareholders of “Sotj Inc” escaped the evil Galactic Empire and decided to hide on the farm planet for awhile. Remembering Pre’durf the Bothan’s mention of a “Dashade female” on Dantooine ordering the groups death, the crew decides to relax until the bi-monthly Dantooine market, when the ranchers and farmers of the planet meet with merchants and convoys to trade for much needed offworld supplies.

Davad, however, leaves on his own quest, lead astray by a random encounter.

Spending some time fixing up the former planetary capital of Khoonda, the crew made new friends in the droid keepers of the outpost. XT0-2, an aged protocol droid, and a gang of four K9L hovering maintenance droids, abandoned since the Clone Wars, had continued their duties to the Khoonda outpost even as the Republic and, eventually, even the Empire left the planet be. Upgraded and repaired, the droids served as assistants and aides-de-camp while the crew stayed at Khoonda for two standard weeks.

After two peaceful (aside from an encounter with a Mynock spawn- sphere) weeks of training and puttering, Dantooine’s sky filled with intragalactic travelers and the ground around Khoonda sprouted tents and plasteel QuikHuts for a bazaar. Keeping track of the Corulagi yacht Scalpel and it’s escort, the crew was able to find the source of the assassination attempt on them back on the Wheel: three human rakes and their Dashade bodyguard in the employ of a mysterious Hutt of Nar Shaddaa. Slicing into their HoloTrans message capsule, the Shadows of the Jedi discovered that they had been deemed too dangerous to pursue by the Hutt, apparent patron of the “Roulette Group”, and were ordered to avoid conflict. This order was put to the test as our heroes initiated a showdown with the Core World dandies, ending in an uncomfortable admission of stalemate on the organ pirates’ part.

Meanwhile, interesting trades were made with the Dantooinians: Kerik, awakening to his nascent Force-sensitivity, purchased an old, broken “glow-rod” from a native, while Benjen acquired an old intelligence report from Jedi Master Quinlan Vos detailing the fall of the Jedi city-ship Chuun’thor at the height of the Clone Wars over the mysterious planet Dathomir.

The Chuun’thor, which trained many Jedi over it’s long history, had once toured the Unknown Regions on a hundred standard year mission of peace on the behalf of the Old Republic. Indeed, Benjen and Davad’s Jedi master, the late Merrikana, was found on this trip and began her Jedi training thereon.

Loading up on Dantooine vegetation, food-stock, and farduukan adaptation tablets for easy consumption, the Mynock followed a hot tip to the planet Clak’dor VII, homeworld of the round-headed Bith. The tip proved accurate as the crew discovered (after an encounter with a group of space pirates) that the Bith were desperate for food after an Imperial fleet destroyed both it’s military forces and enforced a blockade over the planet. Managing to make a hefty profit and spread some goodwill, the heroes took a short interest in bounty hunting before deciding that, for the moment, such a trade was not for them.

Searching for information on the mysterious planet Dathomir, the crew decided to head for the shadowport in the StarForge Nebula which Bryn and Kerik once frequented. A short trip later, the crew found themselves chased by an Imperial Dreadnought, dispatched to the area to find the shadowport and shut it down…violently. One tense, cat- and-mouse chase later, and the Verdant Mynock made it’s way to the hidden StarForge Station.

There, the crew questioned a famous Wookiee explorer as to the location of Dathomir (greased by the excellent contribution of a fried side of nerf by Kerik) and upgraded the Mynock, fielding a double turbolaser in place of it’s more conservative laser cannons. After some misadventures on the station (including the acquisition of some prize gear for Dathan and Benjen), Dathomir was located, the ships rearmament completed, and the crew set out for the dock…

Only to find a group of Imperial Inquisitors waiting for them. Armed with lightsabers and trained in the dark side of the Force, these human thugs’ knowledge of the crews’ identities and threats on behalf of a mysterious “Inquistor Freyd” lead to a bloody confrontation. Only the Shadows of the Jedi were left standing after the battle, but a dark pall fell over the valiant heroes as the last Imperial fell…



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