Knights Without Solace

The Story So Far Part 1

A recap of events in the campaign thus far

Prelude One – The Omen

DAVAD KHAAL, a renegade Jedi apprentice, and BENJEN CODO, an experimental clone trooper trained in the arts of the Jedi, hide on the lost planet of Wayland. Housed in an ancient Republic hospital, the two apprentices and their master, the Nagai MERRIKANA, assist the local crystalline Myneshri primitives against their rocklike Psadan aggressors, practicing their Jedi Bendu far from the eyes of the evil GALACTIC EMPIRE.

Their refuge is shattered by an Imperial probe droid, scouting Wayland for unknown purposes. Spurred by Davad’s powerful precognitive ability, the three flee Wayland before the arrival of a powerful dark force. Deciding the jump for the nearby Besh Gorgon system and take advantage of a pirate port Merrikana is familiar with, the three find themselves in deep trouble when their transports hyperdrive scrams out just as they jump to lightspeed…

Prelude Two – The Life-Takers

Spinning through hyperspace, Davad and Benjen struggled to keep their antique HAAT/h transport in working condition while Master Merrikana, powerfully allergic tot he Cronau radiation released by hyperjumps, falls ill.

Managing to keep the transport together, the two Jedi are forced to bid farewell to their erstwhile Jedi Master, fatally injured by exposure to the poorly-shielded hyperdrive. Granting them her lightsaber, the Acolyte, and a wish that they return it to her homeworld in the Unknown Regions, Merrkana becomes one with the Force.

The transport emerges some three parsecs off from it’s mark, and drifts dangerously through space. In a stroke of seeming luck, the ship is found by a light freighter, which offers assistance. The price for this aid, however, turns out to be higher than either of the Jedi are willing to pay, however, when the spacers turn out to be Ubese organ pirates. Fighting their way onto the pirate’s ship, the two Jedi are disabled and placed in ancient kolto tanks. There, they use their Jedi skills to escape, and are united with another captive, DATHAN GAVALON, a mercenary soldier with a grim past and cybernetic enhancements. Together, the three are able to defeat the Ubese in a bloody skirmish, and turn the freighter towards The Wheel…

Episode One – Turns of the Wheel

Two new players are introduced as BRYN RENTON, a Duros smuggler, and KERIK NOVAHR, a Zabrak slicer, are freed from Imperial prison by Praay Secrund, servant of the mysterious crime-lord known only as “The Senator”. The pair, who had recently botched a smuggling job for the Senator, are given a second chance…gather a team of mercenaries to undertake a mission of deepest secrecy, and all would be forgiven. Keeping Novahr as collateral, Renton is sent forth onto the axial section of the famous resort-port “The Wheel” to gather the group and save his friend. Renton takes the obvious first step of getting completely poo-doo-faced at a local watering hole.

Meanwhile, the pirate-ship “Heart-Shaped Box” arrives at the Wheel, crewed by a pair of renegade Jedi and a cyborg with revenge on his mind. Making themselves at home on the Wheel, the group sells of the captured property of the Ubese organ-pirates, while Dathan attempts to piece together his scattershot memories of the cyber-doc who sold him to the Ubese. Heading to a local bar, the Blind Nexu, the group encounters a soused Bryn Renton, and witnesses a Draethos doctor, Oyga, talking with a mysterious cloaked figure. Recognizing the Doctor as his betrayer, Dathan pursues the Draethos outside…right into an armed group of thugs. A firefight breaks out, involving Dathan, Davad, Benjen and the inebriated Renton. Our heroes make short work of the Draethos and his thugs, claiming from them an encrypted datapad, and leaving sign that the group that battled the thugs was, in fact, the Ubese slain just one standard day before.

Only Benjen notices a scantily-clad but hooded woman watching the conflict and slipping away.

Davad, Dathan and Benjen, seeking to ditch the “Heart-Shaped Box” for a more seemly conveyance, join Bryn for a meeting with Praay Secrund’s second and third in command, the Wookiee Gerrsharkal and the Human Cres Linshuld at the Flaming Ronto (though not before stopping for some tasty Bothan noodles and yet more thugs, seemingly from the same source as the ones outside the Blind Nexu). There, they are hired to exterminate a biological hazard that has inhabited Section Z-33 of the Wheel’s axial section. With Novahr’s life at stake, and a brand-new YT-2000 in lockup, the group agrees.

Slicing as best they could into Doctor Oyga’s datapad, the group finds out that his contact for “special deals” like Dathan on the Wheel is a madame named Yod Malkade at the Tickle-Star Salon. That evening, the group is attacked by a pair of assassins and their killer droids. After an intense battle which claimed all the aggressors save one, the group question the remaining killer, a Human male named Frad Teksar who, oddly, only spoke Huttese. When pressed, he offered 10,000 credits and the name of his agent for his life: the local Bothan noodle-cook. True to their word (or, at least, Dathan’s word), the group accepted the blood-money and, with reservations, watched as the hired killer escaped the Wheel, and justice, to kill again.

The day after, the group made their move on Section Z-33, encountering a mysterious breed of “Energy Spider” within, which spun webs of pure glitterstim spice. After a fierce and chaotic battle, the group just barely managed to defeat the blaster-resistant Spice-Spiders and their Queen, escaping Section Z-33 with their lives, their ship, and Kerik Novahr.

However, a mysterious Imperal vessel jumps into the Besh Gorgon system from the direction of Wayland…

Episode Two – Escape to Ord Mantell

The five adventurers, now the crew of the newly christened “Verdant Mynock”, relax after the harrowing battle in Section Z-33. Enjoying the favor of the Senator’s “Rounders Cartel”, the delights of the local “gentlething’s club” the Flaming Ronto, and the sale of much of their hard-earned loot (along with the purchase of an astromech droid, R2-M4), the only question was that of what to do next. Questioning the Bothan noodle-maker Pre’durf, they discover that he arranges muscle for off-station interests, and receives his orders from a Dashade female on Dantooine. Offering aid to the Bothan should the Dashade’s threats towards the Bothan’s family ever become pressing, the group continued on their business.

That evening, as Kerik and Bryn made their way home from some “entertainment” at the Flaming Ronto, they discovered they were being followed by a mysterious newcomer. Despite attempts to evade him, the two found themselves held up at gunpoint in the Docking Bay for the Mynock by…Imperial agents!

Communicating with those within, a tense standoff followed, in which the Imperials, led by an oddly pale Imperial Navy officer and his black-garbed enforces, demanded the surrender of Davad Khaal for “treason against the Empire and membership in the illegal Jedi Order”. A fight broke out, wherein the Imperials revealed that they, much like Benjen and Davad, wielded Force powers! The fierce battle ended in the death of all of the mysterious officers blaster and lightsaber wielding thugs while he, when faced by the Mynock crew’s ferocity, retreated.

Now, however, the Mynock found itself in lockdown, while an Imperial shuttle filled with soldiers docked at the other side of the Wheel. Utilizing Kerik’s elite slicing skills, the group was able to lock down the shuttle and escape the Wheel, but were faced by a wing of Imperial TIE fighters before escaping to hyperspace.

Coordinates set for the Bright Jewel system, where the Mynock crew had learned a friend of Cres Linshuld, the engineer Thredd, would customize their ships on Ord Mantell, Davad, Benjen, Kerik, Dathan and Bryn relaxed before arriving back in realspace.

Drydocking for customization, the group spent some leisure time at Great Rock, a city on the southern part of Ord Mantell’s mountainous eastern Pralscus continent. As Thredd and his crew of modified B1 Battle-Engineer Droids worked on the Mynock, the group searched for work on Mantell, and decided to intervene in the mysterious disappearances of homesteaders in the northern mountain ranges of Pralscus. On the way, they encountered a group of Imperial stormtroopers stationed on the planet. After an intense conversation about the many unlicensed items they were carrying, the Stormtroopers suddenly attacked, leading a brief, vicious battle with only one survivor on the Imperial side, a seeming doppleganger of Benjen. Rushing from that scene, the group made their way into the mountains where, after some investigation, they were attacked by a group of huge, vicious humanoids. Barely managing to survive the vicious beasts, the group followed their sign to a local cavern system, where they discovered a shocking fact: the creatures, called Mantellian Savrips, were actually sentient! Though late bloomers, the Savrips were, in fact, possessed of reason, and had been capturing local sentients to attempt to convince them to stop hunting and eating the Savrips. Brokering a peace between the sentients, the Mynock’s crew was able to free all of the imprisoned ranchers, who thanked them and promised to leave the Savrips be.

In gratitude, the rough leader of the Savrips told our heroes of a local “fortress” where “White-Skulls” (Stormtroopers) were digging up old “lightsticks”...possibly a hidden weapons cache from the Clone Wars…



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